Gregg Sauder

Gregg Sauder

Gregg is the president and founder of 360 Yield Center. After refining planting technology for over 20 years with Precision Planting, Gregg and his family bring their vast agriculture and engineering experience to nutrient management with 360 Yield Center, creating full-season tools to help farmers.

TRIAL DATA: Placement Boosts Nitrogen Uptake And Yield

A corn plant takes up most of its nitrogen from a 7-inch radius. Improving placement by banding nitrogen fertilizer along the base of the plant leads to improve uptake. In 2016, 360 Yield Center partnered with the University of Illinois using a tracer ion in a nitrogen solution called 15N… Read More

360 Y-DROP

The Results Are In: 2015 Yield Book Is Here.

The results are in. In 2015, 360 Yield Center collected data from over 100 field trials across the Corn Belt to test 360 Yield Center products against traditional nutrient management practices. Previously on the blog, we’ve shared five trials as a preview to our 2015 Yield Book. Now, you can… Read More