As farmers ourselves, we've built a team that works hard to develop methods and technologies that maximize yield potential and more efficiently manage inputs. Why? Because the farmer is at the heart of everything we do. Learn more.

rethink nitrogen management

Of all the factors that contribute to production costs and yield, nitrogen has one of the largest impacts. 360 Yield Center offers new tools that allow you to measure and supply the right amount of N when the plant is ready to use it. Learn more.



Reduces header loss by 80% by closing the gaps in traditional deck plates and gathering chains. Learn more.


A portable soil testing system that provides you with real-time, zone-specific soil nitrate analyses. Learn more.

360 Y-DROP®

Unique design enables you to apply late-season nitrogen — even up to tassel. Learn more.

360 Y-DROP® Sidedress

Application system that places liquid nitrogen at the base of the corn plant — directly above the root mass. Learn more.


Apply fungicides, insecticides and nutrients under the crop canopy. Learn more.


NH3 application technology for better row-to-row accuracy and a wider window of application. Learn more.


Unique, patented design chops and crimps stalks for better residue management and nitrogen availability. Learn more.


Ripper point with wings that lift and fracture the complete soil profile for improved root penetration. Learn more.




Where’s My Nitrogen? How To Make A “Nitrogen Map”

Many growers apply nitrogen in the fall to take advantage of the wide application window. But there are risks with fall application. Applying seven months prior to planting leaves nitrogen vulnerable to loss from rain events and warm winters. Because nitrates easily move in the soil profile, it is important… Read More

Where is My Nitrogen? The Positives and Negatives of Anhydrous

Nitrogen moves in the soil profile because of environmental factors – precipitation, temperature, etc. – but it’s important to understand the chemical process happening behind that movement in order to better control it. Let’s start by reviewing the transformation of one form, Anhydrous Ammonia. It enters the soil ammonia (NH3)…. Read More

TRIAL DATA: Placement Boosts Nitrogen Uptake And Yield

A corn plant takes up most of its nitrogen from a 7-inch radius. Improving placement by banding nitrogen fertilizer along the base of the plant leads to improve uptake. In 2016, 360 Yield Center partnered with the University of Illinois using a tracer ion in a nitrogen solution called 15N… Read More

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August 22, 2017

We’re taking all of the agronomy information, new product news and nitrogen management innovations out of the field and onto your computers. Instead of our traditional Proving Grounds field day in Tremont, we will be hosting Proving Grounds Online. Get more information and register for announcements and updates here:

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