As farmers ourselves, we've built a team that works hard to develop methods and technologies that maximize yield potential and more efficiently manage inputs. Why? Because the farmer is at the heart of everything we do. Learn more.

rethink nitrogen management

Of all the factors that contribute to production costs and yield, nitrogen has one of the largest impacts. 360 Yield Center offers new tools that allow you to measure and supply the right amount of N when the plant is ready to use it. Learn more.



Reduces header loss by 80% by closing the gaps in traditional deck plates and gathering chains. Learn more.


A portable soil testing system that provides you with real-time, zone-specific soil nitrate analyses. Learn more.

360 Y-DROP®

Unique design enables you to apply late-season nitrogen — even up to tassel. Learn more.

360 Y-DROP® Sidedress

Application system that places liquid nitrogen at the base of the corn plant — directly above the root mass. Learn more.


Apply fungicides, insecticides and nutrients under the crop canopy. Learn more.


NH3 application technology for better row-to-row accuracy and a wider window of application. Learn more.


Unique, patented design chops and crimps stalks for better residue management and nitrogen availability. Learn more.


Ripper point with wings that lift and fracture the complete soil profile for improved root penetration. Learn more.



Diplodia ear rot

Scouting Now Eliminates Fungal Diseases Next Summer

Late-season issues are showing up on yield monitors as harvest gets underway. Two common things we are seeing are stalk rots and ear rots. While the crop looked very clean at silking, many fields were hit with late season disease outbreaks such as Gray Leaf Spot and Rust. In many… Read More

kernels lost

You Grew It, Now Keep It!

It is hard work to grow a corn crop, managing all the variables and inputs that can impact a crop as best you can in order to maximize production on every acre. Given all the work and effort spent in growing this crop, it only makes sense to spend some… Read More

ear of corn 2

Make this Year Count: The Final Exam

The words “final exam” are likely scary for many, but for corn growers the pre-harvest period is the perfect time to grade themselves on this year’s efforts. Take this opportunity to walk your fields and gain insight on the past year while formulating any plans to correct preventable losses. Go… Read More


Hidden Hunger – What’s Happening Below Ground

As the growing season winds down, it is a great time to assess what practices have proven profitable and which ones need refinement for the future. One method that many growers are adopting is tissue testing to discover whether or not their fertility programs resulted in “hidden hunger” issues that… Read More


Split Application: Time is Power and Money

Many parts of the country have experienced excellent growing conditions that include warm temperatures and near optimum moisture, leading to hopeful expectations for a strong harvest.  While we tend to focus on what we can see above ground, what goes on below the surface can be just as impactful. Those… Read More

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