Matt Foes

Matt Foes

Matt is a regional agronomy manager for 360 Yield Center, serving northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. With almost 20 years of agronomy experience, Matt holds a B.S. in chemistry from Illinois State University, and an M.S. in agronomy from the University of Illinois.
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Benefits of Converting Your Bar to 360 Y-DROP Sidedress

This year, as you prepare for side dress season, consider converting your bar to 360 Y-DROP Sidedress. There are numerous reasons why 360 Y-DROP Sidedress is an effective and efficient choice for side dress application. Optimized placement of nitrogen is the biggest draw of the 360 Y-DROP Sidedress system. Studies… Read More

The Open Window of Fall Abruptly Shut

The weather this fall was among the best many of us can remember. A long spell of dry weather and warm temperatures led to lower drying costs and great conditions for alleviating soil compaction with tillage. However, in early November this open window closed quickly and left many of us… Read More

Yield Minute: 2015 Spring Update

It’ spring. Time to get the equipment out and start planting. But, before you get too far down the road – do you know how much nitrogen is in your field? Matt Foes, regional agronomy manager for 360 Yield Center, shares an update on nitrogen trials on his farm in… Read More

Yield Management: 2015 Planning with Nitrogen

As we progress through the 2014 harvest (however slow), many of us are turning our attention toward planning for 2015. Many decisions have to be made over the coming weeks that will set the stage for how successful we can be next year. Once you have landed on a mix… Read More