Jamie Brand

Jamie Brand

Jamie is a regional agronomy manager for 360 Yield Center, serving Iowa, Kansas and Texas. Jamie specializes in focusing on ways to improve nitrogen efficiency and plant health to maximize profitability and protect yield potential.
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360 CHAINROLL: Beta Season Review

Driven by a passion to help manage residue, Gregg put together a strong engineering team to develop this new retrofit stalk roll system designed to improve the following year’s plant stands, and help improve the availability of nutrients locked within the residue. As a result, 360 CHAINROLL was created, and… Read More

Fall NH3: Three Tips for a Solid N Foundation

Harvest is wrapping up and tillage is underway. As soil temperatures are trending downward, many farmers will be starting to apply fall NH3. Nitrogen is critical to your crop’™s growth, and as you make decisions for your 2016 crop, it’s important to ensure that this nutrient is around in-season when… Read More

Precise placement

N Application: Location, Location, Location

There are many variables that play a role in nitrogen management. Placement is sometimes overlooked – mainly because for years there hasn’t been many choices in application methods -“ with a limited window of application. Where N is applied within the row is important Traditional sidedress methods apply N in… Read More

Spring N: Build a Solid Foundation

As snow melts and temperatures rise, we start focusing on getting into the field. When it comes to your 2015 nitrogen (N) plan, we should begin with the end in mind -“ minimizing plant stress by managing nutrients as best as possible. We want to ensure we’re feeding the crop… Read More