Jason Kienast

Jason is a research agronomist at 360 Yield Center, creating research protocols to test the 360 Yield Center suite of products. Jason graduated from Iowa State University with a B.S. in agronomy, and interned for three years with Farm Journal field agronomist and Crop-Tech Consulting owner, Ken Ferrie, before joining 360 Yield Center.
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Where’s My Nitrogen? How To Make A “Nitrogen Map”

Many growers apply nitrogen in the fall to take advantage of the wide application window. But there are risks with fall application. Applying seven months prior to planting leaves nitrogen vulnerable to loss from rain events and warm winters. Because nitrates easily move in the soil profile, it is important… Read More

Where is My Nitrogen? The Positives and Negatives of Anhydrous

Nitrogen moves in the soil profile because of environmental factors – precipitation, temperature, etc. – but it’s important to understand the chemical process happening behind that movement in order to better control it. Let’s start by reviewing the transformation of one form, Anhydrous Ammonia. It enters the soil ammonia (NH3)…. Read More

A to Z of Crop Nutrients: Zinc (Zn)

As we continue to examine the micronutrients, let’s focus on Zinc. Zinc performs multiple functions in a corn plant. It is important in many enzymatic reactions and protein synthesis, and can also impact hormone production which affects growth and can cause shortened or stacked nodes. In corn, interveinal chlorosis in… Read More